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Who are you? Present yourself in some sentences.

My name is Mick, I am 21 years old and I am an actor. I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and I am also half American. I am a very positive, kind and motivated person, who lives his life to the fullest.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means to me: expressing my personality and showing who I am, by wearing the clothes that I want to wear.

How do clothes affect your everyday life?

Clothes affect my Job and my everyday life! In my job I wear certain clothes to portrait the characters that I play. And in my everyday life, it affects me by showing who I am and wearing clothes that feel comfortable for me.

What does AUF AUGENHOEHE mean to you? What is your relation with the fashion label?

AUF AUGENHOEHE means to me a chance to fit in and finally have the chance to wear clothes that fit without paying extra money at the tailor. My relation with AUF AUGENHOEHE is this one: I am one of the first models to work with UF AUGENHOEHE. I was there and supported the project from the beginning.

What are your life essentials--What do you carry with you at all time?

My lucky charm, my phone and a picture of my girlfriend.

Who are the most influential persons in your life?

My Girlfriend, My Father, Jim Carry

What are some inspirational things, designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-vistiting often?

Techno Music (Underworld, the Chemical Brothers, and Daft Punk). Leonardo da Vinci. Jules Verne, Jim Carry and Peter Dinklage.

If you could have 3 people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?

Leonardo da Vinci
Jules Verne

My Grandma