Size Guide – Find you Fit

You want to know your AUF AUGENHOEHE Size? Follow the steps below and find it out quick and simple with the support of our visualisation. It may be easier to take your measurements with the help of another person. Feel free to reach us out if you need introductions or tipps in how to do by yourself.

Do you want to know which size you have? Send us an email to and please make sure to attach your measurements in it. We will get back to you.

Enjoy your shopping!

AUF AUGENHOEHE and the next steps: We are currently working on making it easier for you to know your size. We are developing an Application and will let you know as soon as we have it ready. This should not keep you from shopping our handmade products. That is why for now we will stick to the mailing service


AUF AUGENHOEHE is taking measurements: To develop a standardised size chart for people of short stature, we need as much anthropometric data as possible. Therefore we measured countless people with achondroplasia.

The more data we can analyse, the more reliable our results will be. This is where you come into play! You can help us by filling out the form below. Just follow the illustrated step-by-step instructions and tell us your body measurements.

Size Chart Questionnaire