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How do I measure my body? An AUF AUGENHOEHE tutorial

If you buy clothes regularly, you've probably already stumbled across clothing sizes. Clothing sizes are used to simplify the purchase of clothing and are based on certain body measurements. As soon as you know your size from a certain brand you can simply buy the product.

How do you know which size you have at AUF AUGENHOEHE?

We at AUF AUGENHOEHE want to avoid the overproduction of clothing that is so common in the fashion industry and thus protect the resources of our planet. This is where you can easily help! Send us your body measurements in advance and we will tell you directly your size. This way we only produce what really fits and is needed.

At the moment we are working on a tool for our online shop to simplify this process. Until then, you can send us your measurements by mail to hello@aufaugenhoehe.design or on Instagram or Facebook at @aufaugenhoehe.design. We will then get back to you immediately.

With this simple guide, you will learn everything you need to know about taking your own body measurements. Let's go!

Now you have all the important information to start measuring.

To find out your size, you only need to take four simple steps. You don't have to do this every time before you go shopping. Take the time to measure once and you will have your measurements for the future.

Depending on whether you have help and how experienced you are, measuring your body will take between 5 and 15 minutes. So now you can start.

Instructions in four simple steps

Step 1: Body height

Most of you may already know their height anyway. For those of you, who want to measure again, here is an instruction. Stand without shoes with your back against a wall or door frame. Look straight ahead and stand upright and relaxed. With the help of a book you can transfer the highest point of your head to the wall behind you at a 90° angle. At the end you simply measure the distance from the floor to the marked point on the wall with a tape measure.

Step 2: Chest/Bust measurement

The chest or bust circumference is an important measure to determine the fit of tops. Take care to keep the tape measure horizontal. Run it once around your upper body. Place the tape measure across the widest point of your chest. Depending on your body this could be at your armpit or at the nipple line. To make sure that you keep the tape measure horizontal, you can stand in front of the mirror and see the course of the tape measure from the side.

Step 3: Waist measurement

Since women and men have different proportions, different measurements are required at this point.

Identify as female: The waist is measured similar to the bust circumference. This time you have to find your narrowest point on the upper body. This is usually located below your rips. When you run your hand down the side of your upper body, you can feel when your ribs end. At this narrowest point you lead the tape measure horizontally around your body and take the measurement.

Identify as male: Measure the circumference of your waistband. Your waistline is at the same height as the waistband of your trousers. Usually this is slightly below the belly button, but the exact height of the measurement can vary slightly from person to person. This is quite normal. Just trust your feeling here and measure the waistband horizontally around your body.

Step 4: Hip measurement

The hip circumference is measured horizontally at the strongest point of the buttocks. The strongest point is best seen in the mirror. Often it is slightly above the crotch. Just look at yourself in the mirror from the front and see where your hips are strongest. At this height, place the tape measure horizontally around your body and take the measurement.

In the last century the fashion industry has been looking more and more for standardization and so people with proportions beyond the supposed »standard body« have fallen out of the fashion industry's field of vision. For this reason, we at AUF AUGENHOEHE have developed the world's first clothing sizes for female and male Little People. This is the basis for the tailored cuts and styles that are available in our online shop.

Send us your four measurements by mail to hello@aufaugenhoehe.design or on Instagram or Facebook at @aufaugenhoehe.design. We are looking forward to hearing from you.