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We are often asked how inclusion, diversity and fashion actually belong together. Every day we work to show how exactly that all fits together and how we can make out vision reality. How all of this happens you may ask? Continue reading and find out

New Size System

AUF AUGENHOEHE has developed the world's first sizes for little women and men. Over several years, people with dwarfism were surveyed, measured and their proportions investigated. It was the first time that sizes could be developed especially for little people. On this basis, the well-fitting cuts and styles are created, which are available in the online shop. No more changes are needed - simply adding clothes in the right size to the shopping cart and trying them on at home – without the additional costs and time for alterations involved!

The development of size systems has a long tradition in the fashion world and serves to make suitable clothes, but every size system still has different characteristics, names and limits. There are, for example, sizes extra for small and large women or very slim and rather corpulent men. AUF AUGENHOEHE has used this approach and developed sizes comparable to the usual clothing sizes but for little people.

So far, we have developed clothing sizes and fashion pieces especially for people with achondroplasia. Since we cannot rely on data, as they did not yet have collected data sets on small-growth proportions, research is in its infancy. Starting from scratch, AUF AUGENHOEHE focuses on the most common form of dwarfism in the beginning, which should not remain the status quo forever. Our goal is to establish a more diverse fashion market for people with achondroplasia and beyond. You don't have achondroplasia, but still want to have an AUF AUGENHOEHE part in your closet? Just write us a message!


AUF AUGENHOEHE stands for individual fashion for little women and men with achondroplasia. The design focuses on timelessly beautiful looks with a modern appeal.

Making suitable fashion for little people means creating a perfect fit, a good body feeling and eliminating the mostly necessary alterations after purchase. The clothes just fit! Years of research have also shown that you have to take a lot more into account than just making the clothes shorter. The complex proportions of bodies have therefore been translated into patterns for AUF AUGENHOEHE.

During product development, we pay particular attention to a high wearing comfort and pleasant materials. The functionality of the apparel is tested and constantly improved in close cooperation with little people.

You did not find what you were loking for yet? We are also happy to make you clothes for your special occasion. Just write us!


Locally. The entire manufacturing of the products takes place in Berlin.

Fair. We work closely with our partners and believe in trusting and long term supplier relationships.

Resource-conserving. We produce made-to-order instead of on stock. This way we only manufacture what is really needed.