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We introduce you to the team of AUF AUGENHOEHE!

At AUF AUGENHOEHE little people and non-little people work together for more inclusion and diversity in the fashion world. You want to know how Sema came up with the idea of making clothes for little people in 2013? Click here!

Sema Gedik is CEO and founder of AUF AUGENHOEHE. Her idea was to create the first label for little people. As managing director of AUF AUGENHOEHE she is responsible for the realisation of the company's goals and philosophy and represents the company in public. In addition, she is responsible for the design of the product lines.

"AUF AUGENHOEHE for me is more than our brand name. I live for communication and see my company not only as a business, but as a community. The contact to our customers, models and supporters motivates me every day to work to turn my vision into reality".

Natalia Wisniewski is the operations manager at AUF AUGENHOEHE and responsible for the organisation of all operational processes. In addition, she works on the implementation of sustainable goals into the corporate strategy.

"In my work at AUF AUGENHOEHE I keep the balance between profitability and our corporate philosophy every day. But what I like most is the opportunity to use my skills and talents for something that makes the world more open and inclusive. I like to critically look at the status quo and then actively
live change."

Elisabeth Kitzerow is the communications manager and art director of AUF AUGENHOEHE. She is responsible for the visual conception and multifaceted public relations of the company.

"Working at AUF AUGENHOEHE often means thinking conceptional, managing different tasks and having a creative hands-on mentality. I like to think outside the box and constantly expand my horizons creatively, socially and culturally. That means dealing with visuals as well as language and sharing perspectives from micro to macro."


Anna Spindelndreier is an experienced photographer and responsible for all campaigns and photo shootings.

"As a photographer and little person, I know how important fitting and fashionable clothing is. With my pictures I want to convey the model’s charisma and personality. AUF AUGENHOEHE shows that diversity can also work in the fashion world and thus hits a nerve. It is the incredible energy that every single team member embodies that moves me. Seeing how AUF AUGENHOEHE has developed in recent years makes me want to see where the journey will go in the coming years."

Constanze Wolff is a successful entrepreneur and coach, Constanze is our go-to-person for e-commerce and business model development.

"My core competence lies in the textile industry and digital change. That's why I support the team in terms of technical matters, but also when it comes to strategic questions about the product portfolio or the important KPIs of an online shop. Values and sustainability are becoming more and more important, so I find the approach of AUF AUGENHOEHE particularly exciting – making a social contribution and at the same time establishing a profitable business model."

Étienne Plesiat is a passionate software expert and, together with AUF AUGENHOEHE, develops new ways of analyzing and presenting the clothing sizes to make them more and more accessible.

“I have skills in backend developing and data analysis and use this to support the label AUF AUGENHOEHE. I support AUF AUGENHOEHE because it aims at tackling social issues related to traditional fashion industry by rethinking the way we design and produce clothes. It makes use of modern tools to change an unfair standard size system which is not adapted to all body proportions.”

Franziska Panne is actively involved in the community work. Together with the other AUF AUGENHOEHE Community Managers, she is networking in associations and shares insights on target group-relevant topics.

"I think as little women; we can really emulate what we lack in the fashion industry - and that's where our work at AUF AUGENHOEHE begins. That means contributing new ideas and experiences involving fashion, connecting little people and creating opportunities to discover AUF AUGENHOEHE. I think we live in a time to expand boundaries, to break norms and to create new ones. And that's exactly what AUF AUGENHOEHE is doing. How cool is that?!"

Frederic Schmitz takes care of SEO for our website and is a consultant for e-commerce, so that our content can constantly become more visible online.

"I advise and help with everything that is SEO and e-commerce. From meta-description, to blog articles to the sales focus of social media posts. The feeling to achieve an impact in society through my day-to-day work, moves and motivates me at AUF AUGENHOEHE."

Janina Nagel is one of the fitting models from AUF AUGENHOEHE and enriches the product development with her constructive criticism. Janina also regularly represents the label in public appearances.

„I contribute many suggestions and ideas. By being a little person myself and my affinity towards fashion, I can share my experiences and help finding stylish solutions. Seeing eye to eye, that’s what AUF AUGENHOEHE means in German, really is the corporate culture of the brand. We communicate as equals and there is always room to express one's wishes or concerns."

Laura Christ is a community manager and is involved in the association work for little people in Germany. Together with the other AUF AUGENHOEHE Community Managers, she is networking and helps evolving the label through her regular feedback.

"In everyday conversations, I talk about AUF AUGENHOEHE, the vision, the successes and give insights into the work. I support the brand at events and give advice about the needs of little people. For me, AUF AUGENHOEHE is ambition and unceasing commitment. Through the great teamwork, we have managed to inspire more people to join AUF AUGENHOEHE and try their products."

Lauren Humphries is an active member of the Little People of America association and is committed to the inclusion of little people in the United States.

I elevate brand awareness and community engagement as an AUF AUGENHOEHE social media ambassador by sharing news, stories, and information, and by starting and facilitating conversations around diversity and disability in the fashion industry. I am excited to join AUF AUGENHOEHE to help make fashion more inclusive and accessible for people with dwarfism. AUF AUGENHOEHE creates a unique opportunity for people with dwarfism to share their experiences and contribute their ideas to help bring about real change in the fashion industry.”

Mick Mehnert is one of the fitting models from AUF AUGENHOEHE and helps to achieve an optimal fit through his feedback. Mick also represents the brand in public appearances.

"I look forward to the even closer cooperation with AUF AUGENHOEHE. Since I travel a lot as an actor i am in contact with a lot of people. I use these opportunities to draw the attention to the brands mission and approach of doing business. But not only in the physical, but also on the Internet. It's very important to me and I've been part of the company since the beginning. Is it my mission with all the skills I have to make AUF AUGENHOEHE even bigger and more successful."

Nicole Groß is actively involved in the association's work in Germany and is committed to little people. Together with the other AUF AUGENHOEHE Community Managers, she is networking and is happy to contribute feedback on the products of AUF AUGENHOEHE.

"I think it's very important to share (everyday) experiences of a little person, that cannot be recreated by average height people. Through this exchange, AUF AUGENHOEHE is constantly evolving. I bring the philosophy of the label closer to my diverse surroundings at various events and in everyday life. AUF AUGENHOEHE stands for wearing comfort, which is not comparable in the fashion world to date."

Thibault Krommenhoek is a member of the little people association Belangen Vereniging van Kleine Mensen in the Netherlands. He is committed to increasing the visibility of little people beyond the Dutch borders and expanding the AUF AUGENHOEHE network throughout Europe.

“I’m looking forward to help build this global brand by using my entrepreneurial mindset, passion for sales and, dedication to dwarfism awareness and inclusion. AUF AUGENHOEHE not only shows great initiatives in fashion, they are an organization that bridges gaps through both their superior business practices and inclusive mission. This is a company that I look forward to continuing to support and embrace – it´s what our community needs to broaden its horizon.”


The entire team is supported by our Community Heroes. They have been accompanying AUF AUGENHOEHE since the company started as a project in 2013. Names we want to mention here are (from left to right) Lennart Baramsky, Jona Bergander, Evamaria Ehrmann, Cem Yazırlıoğlu, Jens and Heidi Christ, Jacqueline Moczygemba, Kerstin Baramsky, Erik Hein, Anna Schulze-Hulbe, Florian Breit, Ihab Yassin, Felix Peterson, Funda Şıhlaroğlu and many more.

We are also supported by:

Katrin Müller

Katrin Müller is works as a clothing technologist at the University of Applied Science Berlin and supports the team with her pattern making skills.

Horst Fetzer

Horst Fetzer is Professor of Fashion Design at the University of Applied Science Berlin. He advises the team on brand and product development and is an important partner of the AUF AUGENHOEHE network.


Good products need feedback! No matter if you are missing something at AUF AUGENHOEHE, you would like something improved or want to shower us with praise - we are always happy to hear from you!