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Fashion is expressing one’s individuality but at the same time a medium for social belonging. That's why we make clothes for little people. Ensuring equal access and diversity – AUF AUGENHOEHE is an ambassador for a new fashion industry


Sema Gedik learned from her cousin Funda, who is a little person herself, how difficult it is to buy clothes. Was there not a single label offering clothes for little people that want to participate in fashion and lifestyle? She met with more and more little men and women and then decided: this must change. After several years of researching ready-to-wear sizes for little people and building a strong community, she officially founded the label AUF AUGENHOEHE in 2017. Since then, the team has grown and together we still have a lot ahead of us.


We have been working since 2013 to advance the research of design products for little people. By working with our customers and the community, we can respond specifically to their needs. This builds one of our most crucial pillars, that AUF AUGENHOEHE is build upon. We take regular surveys and workshops with little people to constantly get deeper into the research. Are you also interested in contributing to our research? Write to us!


Through our work, we not only want to enable little people to participate in an equal fashion world, but also draw attention to social exclusion and discrimination.

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Beautiful clothes that fit can only be created in close cooperation!