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AUF AUGENHOEHE in times of Corona

The Corona crisis is affecting everyone. Although the AUF AUGENHOEHE team is healthy, the current crisis is still very frightening. We are worried about our family and friends, but also about our community, customers and partners with whom we work closely and manufacture our products. We are taking all necessary measures to protect them and we take our responsibility as a company here very seriously.

We produce our products in Germany and with local partners in Berlin. On short delivery routes and in close consultation. So we can continue to offer our 'made to order' products and everything can be ordered as usual in our online shop. So nothing changes here. Should there be any changes in delivery times for individual products, we will contact our customers directly and immediately. Here too, we rely on a transparent and open communication and will continue to live this culture even in times of crisis.

We have planned to work with partner shops this year in spring/summer to give our customers the opportunity to see AUF AUGENHOEHE products in the shop and try them on directly. Unfortunately we have to be patient with this plan for the time being, because most retail shops had to close indefinitely. Many events had to be cancelled, including the annual worldwide meetings of the associations for Little People, which are one of our event highlights of the year. For several years now, we have been attending the multi-day events, showing and selling our AUF AUGENHOEHE products, organising shootings and fashion shows, giving sewing workshops, measuring people with dwarfism to optimise our patterns and collecting direct feedback.

We are of course in a privileged situation: our core team is not part of the risk group, we can do our daily work almost entirely from home and meetings can be held online. However, we also know that times of crisis always require a lot of creativity, a plan B or C and the maintenance of one’s health. The support, trust and engagement of the team and the community are essential in times of crisis and we are happy to feel this day by day.

But the Corona crisis also means cancelled meetings, event cancellations, less income in daily business, empty ghost towns and spring fever combined with existential fear.

Will our favourite café survive the crisis? How far-reaching will the consequences be for our partners in economy, culture or arts? We wish for a strong team spirit and never seen solidarity, so that we will emerge from this period as a strengthened society.

We take the current situation very seriously and will continue to work as a label. Therefore we would like to find a solution together with all partners. To be honest, the Corona crisis was not included in our financial plan. The coming time will not be easy, but as long as we stick together as a community, we will get it right! In this sense: Stay safe and stay at home.


On a side note:

To those who fear for their own existence, will lose their job or are being fired during the crisis: That's really hard, but there are ways to get involved. HEROES are wanted because certain industries and shops need our support more than ever. Goodjobs_eu has started an initiative: companies in need of personnel can put the job advertisement online for free. LINK: https://goodjobs.eu/de/heldinnengesucht