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Who are you? Can You describe yourself in a few sentences?

Hi, my name is Sebastian, I'm 29 years old and live in Cologne. I'm about 140cm in height and therefore short. This kind of short stature is called achrondroplasia.
I'm described as an open, curious, sometimes a bit chaotic human.
I would also describe myself as a self-confident person who can become quite emotional. I am very enthusiastic, but I can also get moody quickly. Quite temperamental in both directions.
Apart from that, they tell me that I have clear ideas about what I want and what I do and where I want to go. Whether this is the case, I do not know.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an important part of expressing myself. Fashion emphasizes my own lifestyle, my own way of life, my mood, my background, my taste and my interests. Fashion can be colorful and fashion can be varied. Fashion means diversity.
Everything gray in gray is not really cool.

How do clothes affect you everyday life?

I work for a Fashion and Lifestyle Accessoire Company and I am allowed to wear almost everything I want in my everyday life. I do not have to 'dress up' or have any specific outfit like employees in banks, doctors or similar. Accordingly, I prefer what I like in private. Since everyone works with fashion somehow, the meaning is pretty big. I attach great importance to having the right outfit for a particular mood. If I feel rather lazy or know that I'm only sitting on the computer all day long, it can be the hoody. If I have important appointments I can get a shirt out. Since I have no dress code, I try to dress with my outfit according to the occasion. Also, I appreciate it, when people are well dressed or I notice, when people have no idea about fashion and catch myself again and again getting angry about it. This is especially true in business fashion.
So, yes, clothing has a high priority.

What does AUF AUGENHOEHE mean to you? What is your relation with the fashion label?

I work for the self-help association BKMF and got in contact with AUF AUGENHOEHE for the first time. Some time ago, I supported Sema at one of our events measuring and fitting the study participants. Since I put a lot of emphasis on fashion myself, we talked about the challenge of making "fashion for the little people". On the one hand because of the size and really diverse proportions and on the other hand from the economic perspective. As a business economist in the fashion trade, I think there are some tips to give.
Above all, I see AUF AUGENHOEHE as a role model and encouragement for short people to deal more with fashion. Many young people are frustrated because the standard sizes do not suit them and you often have to search a lot, or you find less fashionable things in the children's department. Often you quarrel with yourself after shortening because the proportions of the clothes no longer sit properly. For example, jeans need to be cut so much that often the 'wider' thigh rests on the foot, causing "elephant legs". AUF AUGENHOEHE shows that as a small person you can be fashionable.

What are your life essentials? What do you have with you at all times?

I always have a backpack with me. Sometimes my wallet just flies around, sometimes it's really handy because when I go shopping and sometimes I have clothes in there. My severely handicapped ID card. With that I can travel for free with public transport. Actually I take it with me more often than my identity card.
Change for a good coffee!

Who are the most influential persons in your life?

First and foremost my mum and dad. Her style of education has shaped me and made me the person I am today. Despite my short stature they had a very relaxed and uncomplicated way of educating me. The short stature was never really an issue, since I also had little health problems. My Life motto was always "trial and error". Every negative experience also makes oneself more independent in knowledge and in making decisions. And every decision you make alone makes you more confident. Some people I met in the past 10-15 years, with whom I have had amazing, honest conversations. There are a few moments that I can still look back on today.

What are some inspirational things, designs, artists, music that you find yourself re-visiting often?

For example, here in Cologne there are a number of initiatives that are committed to diversity and tolerance, that do not give racism a chance, and that mainly work in terms of content. So they go to the Veedel (districts as they say in Cologne) and clarify, pick up the citizens and try to keep Cologne as colorful as it is.

If you could have 3 people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?

Emma Watson. I have read interviews on several occasions. She's is not "Hollywood" at all and, despite her success, she has a very own, remarkable attitude towards life. She uses her fame in a very profound way to work for society.

My family, because it is always nice to get together.

Donald Trump - just to tell him he's an asshole.