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​One-year anniversary of our Online Shop!

Many of you certainly know the feeling: Surprise, suddenly it’s already April. We experienced a similar feeling in the last few weeks when we realized that, surprise, we are already celebrating our one-year anniversary of our onlineshop fot little women and men. Reason enough for us to share with you what happened along the way.

But let’s start from the beginning. AUF AUGENHOEHE is the first shop for little women and men worldwide. We show that fitting clothes for little people are about much more than simple changes and alterations. It's about creating fashion for little people that fits right away and takes into account the proportions of little women and men. With AUF AUGENHOEHE we show that inclusion and equality have a part in fashion. Our founder Sema Gedik made it her goal back in 2013 to produce clothes for her cousin Funda, who is a little person. Over the years, this has grew into the AUF AUGENHOEHE label, that wants to make the fashion industry more inclusive and diverse. The founder Sema Gedik has collected measurements of more than 500 little people worldwide. This unique database allows us to define the first and only size chart for little people. In the beginning we focus on achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. Since one year our shop for little people www.aufaugenhoehe.design is online and we are very happy with the success so far. We offer you fashion for women and men, accessories and inclusive T-Shirts, that fit both little people and non-little people equally. We came up with the latter as more and more non-little people approached us about how they can support us. So we were looking for clothing products that are fashionable and at the same time correspond to the inclusive thinking of our label. We print the T-Shirts here in Berlin together with our Partners Roland and Lotus. This way all people, no matter their size, can identify in their clothes with AUF AUGENHOEHE.

Over the last year, more and more people from different countries started to follow our story. In the beginning, our Customers were mostly from the german-speaking World and now we receive orders from all over the world. This makes us happy and it shows us, that we are on the right path. Another great way of giving feedback, which we are very keen to use, is visiting meetings of little people in different countries. Just recently we were at the 45th Anniversary of the BVKM, the durch association for little people. At the meetings, we can present our products offline and receive direct feedback from little women and men. Therefore, we are already very excited about meeting you at the 30. Kleinwuchsforum in Germany in May.

Last Year, we focused more and more on improving the online shop and working intensively with the community, therefore we only occasionally launched new products. That's over now – on the 16.04.2019 we're launching our first Spring/Summer Collection for little people. You will find fresh new colours, high-quality materials and cuts, for people with dwarfism.

We believe AUF AUGENHOEHE is a Community Brand and therefore we are in close exchange with little people worldwide – particularly regarding product development. When designing the new styles, we talked a lot to little people from Germany and Europe. This gives us valuable input, which products little women and men like to wear and what kind of materials they want on a day to day basis. In addition to reissued classics such as the Blouse KOGL or our Chino Pants ALZ, we have also developed some new products. Starting now you will find, among other things, the Jumpsuit KYLL Or the NIDDA panties in our shop for little people.

During fittings, we regularly and extensively discuss the fit and design of the clothes together with little women and men.For this collection Janina Nagel and Mick Mehnert were our fitting models and have put everything through their paces for you. We then took the finished collection to a two day photo shooting in March. A special thanks goes out to the incredibly talented and dedicated photographer Anna Spindelndreier, who shares the AUF AUGENHOEHE vision and is a great support to the team. The photo shooting took place in the Dekra Academy. As our partner they also offered us to shoot the product videos of our tights there last year. Since last year we have been working with Open Calls for the selection of our models, which means that we release open application rounds on social media. That way we ensure that more and more people from the community can partake in our shootings and present themselves the way they really want. In the first round last autumn, we welcomedIsabell Lunge, Emma Gredler and Maik Figgen to Berlin Wedding and took fantastic photos of our T-Shirts. The versatility and enthusiasm of the models are incomparable, and we are happy about every application. Although we are not currently able to pay for travel costs, you are always welcome to support us in the realization of our vision.

During the latest shooting in March, in addition to our loyal supporters Mick Mehnert and Jona Bergander, we were excited to also meet Dalya Seleman, Mara Paschke andMayra Posthumus. The whole day was a lot of fun for us and we have very atmospheric pictures to share with you all during the next weeks.

Last year was very special and together with you we came our goal of an inclusive fashion world a big step closer. As a small thank you, all our customers, national and international, receive free deliveries starting from €200 purchasing value in our shop for little women and men AUF AUGENHOEHE from now on. And for our german customers we have an extra treat: Until the end of April, you will be shopping free of charge in Germany. So do not hesitate and just try a product from the AUF AUGENHOEHE, for example, the new jumpsuit KYLL or the denim shorts KINZIG.

For the time being, there is only one thing left to say: Have fun with the new collection from AUF AUGENHOEHE and Thank you for your support!

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Pullover MADRON, Kleinwüchsige, Little People, Dwarfism,AUF AUGENHOEHE 

Spring/Summer Collection, Kleinwüchsige, Little People, Dwarfism, AUF AUGENHOEHE