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The German annual conference for Little People organized by the BKMF e.V.

Thanks to Laura, who gave us a fun insight into the German annual conference for Little People organized by the BKMF e.V. Due to the worldwide corona crisis the meeting had to be cancelled this year. We still want to engage with our community and are looking forward to the next time! In order to give you an authentic insight into the conference, Laura wrote down her impressions for you. Laura is part of our Advisory Board and has been part of the AUF AUGENHOEHE family from the very beginning. She is also a long-time member of the BKMF and is strongly involved in her community. Also check out Facebook and Instagram, the BKMF e.V. has started a great campaign with the hashtag #stattkleinwuchsforum!

The »Kleinwuchsforum«, also known as »Hohenroda«, is the German annual meeting for all those interested in the work of the BKMF e. V. The BKMF is the German association for people with dwarfism and their families. At the meeting everyone comes together: Little People, their families, friends, medical specialists, therapists, manufacturers of aids and anybody else who has anything to do with dwarfism.

»It is THE highlight of the year for everyone!«
Advice, exchange and lectures are a focus of the event. Parents meet in groups to exchange different experiences. Aids, school, sports and self-awareness are only a few of the topics, which are quite important though. But the main focus is on the children and young people, for whom there is an intensively elaborated program with something for every child. There will be craftsmanship, playing, music, chatting and above all a lot of laughing together.

Out of my experience, deep friendships have been built up over the years and everyone is looking forward to seeing each other again. With or without dwarfism, old and young. I can't and don't want to imagine a life without the »Kleinwuchsforum« anymore. Every time I can hardly wait to pack my suitcase, get on the train and finally arrive. For almost 10 years I have been working as a child carer. From the toddlers' group to the preteens I have looked after in almost every group. Now it's my turn to give the next generations as much fun as I had back then.
The »Kleinwuchsforum« is a great place to let go of the daily hustle. No matter how tall you are, everyone belongs. The world at home is forgotten for this time. Together we play, laugh, sing around the campfire in the evening and at night we dance like crazy on the dance floor. All in all, I cannot really describe the essence of the »Kleinwuchsforum«. I can tell you about so many wonderful things that I have experienced there, how much it has shaped me and how great it is. But that would take too long. You just have to be there once to understand it.
I can only recommend it to everyone to have this experience! It's the little moments you always think back to.

Many greetings your Laura