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How do we make our clothes? Behind the Scenes of AUF AUGENHOEHE

KOGL, FRIEDER, KINZIG… The variety of our products is broad. And maybe you also have one of our items in your own wardrobe. But did you ever wonder how we actually produce our products?

Starting with the wishes of our community and going all the way to your wardrobe, a clothing item by AUF AUGENHOEHE goes a long way. Let us give you a little insight behind the scenes of AUF AUGENHOEHE.

The first – and most important step – on the way to a new clothing item is the exchange with our customers. We are frequently asking our community about their wishes and requirements for clothes. We exchange ideas with our Superheroes and browse Social Media: What clothes do Little People all over the world wear? In which cuts do they feel most comfortable and which products are especially hard to find or not even available at all?

With all the insights that we obtained from that, our fashion designer Sema starts developing ideas and designs. Together with our clothing engineer Natalia, these designs will later be implemented into real products and prepared for production.

But before that can start happening, Sema and Natalia have to search for fabrics that can meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and current trends. Therefore, they frequently meet with our fabric partner to exchange ideas.

As soon as the fabrics are chosen and assembled, the development of cuts can begin. Sema is looking back to many years of experience: She has been working on developing designs for Little People since the days she studied at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Amongst other things, she developed a size chart or people with achondroplasia, which is still in use in the development of our cuts to this day.

As soon as the cuts are fully developed, Natalia is taking the new products to our tailors for the first prototyping. Just like our core team, our tailors work from Berlin as well, which makes working together and communication much easier in this phase. Due to frequent exchange, we can quickly react to each other.

Janina and Mick have been supporting us for years with the fitting of our prototypes: They are little people and always the first to try on our prototypes. At this point, they give us important feedback for our cuts: How does the piece feel? Does it fit right in each place?

Now, Sema and Natalia can determine how the fabrics and colors look worn, how the fit is and what changes have to be done. The fittings with Janina and Mick are one of the most important phases of the whole process. That’s why it’s all the more important to pay attention to even the smallest detail.

With all the collected notes, Sema and Natalia go back to working on the patterns. They are revised and refined, changes are made and new prototypes are developed. At this point, to make sure that the clothes fit perfectly, there is a second round of fitting with Janina and Mick.

Afterwards, the collection is assembled. We decide, which piece makes it into the collection and which doesn’t. Here, we put our emphasis on the harmonious combination of the pieces. At this stage, the wishes and the feedback of our customers are very important. With this information we decide which of our pieces can fulfill their requirements.

As soon as the collection is assembled and ready to go, we plan a photo shooting with our photographer Anna Spindelndreier. We have been working with her for a long time too – she has been doing all the photo shootings for AUF AUGENHOEHE.

By the launch of the new collection in our webshop, the products are ready for your order. As soon as you place your order, the manufacturing in Berlin begins. That way, we can make sure that we produce only the amount of clothing that is needed and reduce resources and waste. After three to four weeks it is finally time for you to hold your new favourite piece in your hands!

You are interested in the concrete processes of our production? You have more questions about our work and want more insights behind the scenes of AUF AUGENHOEHE? Let us know! You can send us a mail at hello@aufaugenhoehe.design or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook (@aufaugenhoehe.design). We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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